A Word from the VIPs

Shekinah Foundation is dealing the challenge of handicapped persons in a very holistic manner. What I feel is that, those who are challenged they do not need our pity, what they need actually is support. I have learnt about this lovely foundation. I think that I can make a difference through police department.

Mr. Swaranjit Sen, I.P.S
Director General of police, A.P,India.

It's my privilege and that of my organization to be associated with Shekinah Foundation for now more than three years. Every time I go to the Shekinah Foundation, I come back with the deeply moving experience. The most moving part of my experience at shekinah is how joyful each one of them is and every time I visit there I come back with that one single experience that here these children who had a raw deal from… whatever, but yet they have kept their cheers up and fighting situation they have faced. In Mr. Ishakar we have a gentleman who has battled his handicap and has come out on task. He is the shining example for all the disable people.

Mr. Utpal Sen Gupta, President
Agro Tech Foods Ltd

When the disabled persons are taking it as a challenge, why the normal people are not able to do so? I am pleased to know about the Children of Shekinah, God will certainly help you, off course that help comes through people only. I will extend all my support to the intelligent students of Shekinah Foundation.

Mrs. Jayasudha Kapoor
Film Actress.

It was deeply moved and touched when I heard about this foundation. The activities that have been happening over here, I could see the remarkable achievements that have been won by this Foundation. The shining example of those disabled persons who are doing good at education was fantastic. It shows the commitment, the noble gesture from the Foundation. I am happy to see that there is a very good amount of recognition is coming from the Government in terms of the awards. I would like to commit that the corporates and all others in the society should also ensure their support to this noble cause.

Mr. G. Ramanathan, Regional Manager
Tata Consultancy Services, Hyderabad.

Whatever donation we give to this kind of organization is not a charity. It is our fundamental duty, It's our duty. When we are able, why not help the other man who needs your help, That is contributed to the society. Every one has to think.

Mr. T.S. Vijaya Chander
Film Actor, “Karunamayudu fame”

It is hard not to leave the school. Deeply impressed by the good you are doing here. The bright faces, the joy and hope I saw in the children will be a lasting memory. Keep doing this important work.

Mr. Ian Trop
President & C.O.O., ConAgra Foods, Canada.

Shekinah Foundation is doing very good work in Andhra Pradesh, India. One of the very good activities of the organization is promotion of equal rights in the opportunities for differently abled people. I would like to appreciate the efforts and able leadership of Mr.Ch.Ishakar.

Mr. R. Sundar Vadan, I.F.S
Ex-Commissioner, Disabled Welfare, Govt.of A.P., India
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