Shekinah CBR Programme
Community- Based Rehabilitation (CBR) , a new growing concept in India, involving community resources in the rehabilitation process of persons with disabilities is being implemented in the Narkatpally and Nakrekal Mandals of Nalgonda District, A.P. through Shekinah Foundation. A survey by Shekinah Foundation covering 36 villages and 39 hamlets in the above Mandals has identified 1151 disabled persons of various categories, both male and female.
An analysis of the results of the survey revealed the following.
1. Locomotor Disability 742
2. Speech & Hearing Impaired 186
3. Visually Impaired 134
4. Mentally Retarded 34
5. Leprosy Cured 23
6. Others 32
Total (Excluding Multiple Disabled) 1151
The Age wise & Sex wise Distribution of Disabled
1. AGE 0 - 10 10 - 20 21 above
2. Male 92 198 413
3. Female 53 130 265
4. Total 145 328 678
Total 1151
Shekinah Foundation proposes to rehabilitate all these 1151 disabled people in five years starting from 2002 – 2003. We are already providing admissions to children with locomotor disabilities in our Residential School. We are also providing vocational training to women with disabilities. They are also being awarded certificates on completion of the course. Shekinah is approaching banks and financial institutions like BC, SC, Minority Corporations for arranging loans for those who have finished their training to enable them to earn their livelihood.
We are promoting Self Help Groups of disabled persons consisting of 10-15 members of different categories in each group. Nearly 50 such groups have been formed and they meet once a week in their respective villages under the leadership of the group leaders. The members of the Self Help Groups are encouraged to discuss and practice the following items for the empowerment of the group.
  1. Group savings.
  2. Education and training facilities available to disabled.
  3. Different schemes being implemented for disabled by the Government and the NGOs.
  4. Employment / Self-employment opportunities.
  5. Status of implementation of various Acts meant for disabled.

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