Future Plans
A Construction of Rehabilitation complex for disabled which includes Educational Institutions, Hostel Block, Hospital, Physiotherapy Clinic, Vocational Training Centre, Sheltered Workshop, Conference Hall, Auditorium, Library Building, Computer Lab, Manufacturing Unit of assistive devices.
B Starting a Mobile Medical Unit to cover unreached areas like remote villages, tribal areas where there is no medical facility.
C Developing a Model Training Institute in order to manpower development with professionalism.
D Developing a training cum manufacturing unit with marketing facilities to enable individuals with disabilities and the poor to earn their livelihood.
E Developing a Milk Production and Agriculture Farms Centre in order to create employment opportunities for handicapped persons and poor people. This will also help the organization to become self sufficient.
F Implementing community based Rehabilitation Programme in 100 Mandals of under developed districts of Andhra Pradesh with a view to achieve total empowerment.
G To support 1000 students for getting quality education and nutrition.
H To start Caring Homes for Older Persons, Widows, Orphans and Street Children.
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