About The Founder

'Sevaa Bhushan' Ch.Ishakar
Founder and President

Basing on the famous scripture from the Holy Bible "Love Thy Neighbour as Thyself," Shekinah Foundation was founded with the help of a few like minded people by Mr. Ch. Ishakar, himself a physically challenged but well educated person devoted to the cause of the disabled and the poor.

Mr. Ch.Ishakar fell a victim to polio and became disabled at the age of three. By the grace of God and the encouragement, hope, cooperation and care given by his parents, brothers, kith and kin, and the guidance of well wishers, mental depression never affected him. He never had of frustration feelings that he is disabled and unfit to live in this world. He thinks that his becoming disabled is in a way good for him. Had he not become a handicapped person, probably today he would not have had the time to think about the handicapped and their welfare.

Dedication to Service
For the last 20 years Mr. Ch.Ishakar has been observing the lives of handicapped persons. He concludes that every handicapped person is God's wonderful creation. They have better ideas, abilities and will power than normal people. What they lack is SUPPORT. That is what Shekinah aims to provide. By giving SUPPORT and encouragement, wonders and miracles can be achieved through them. After graduating from the reputed Nizam's College, Hyderabad, A.P. Mr.Ishakar started giving shape to his thoughts and plans. After completing his Bachelor of Education degree with SPECIAL EDUCATION in first division from the prestigious St.Alphonsa's College of Education, Hyderabad, he started putting his plans into action and has dedicated his life to the service of persons with disabilities and other downtrodden section of the community.
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